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The underlying tooth root and periodontal ligaments that keep your teeth grounded in your smile may not be enough to withstand a powerful blow to the face, and it’s possible that this sort of situation could knock out a tooth. If you have a tooth gap as a result of a knocked-out tooth, we may be able to restore your smile with a dental bridge.

While we will strive to preserve the natural tooth by placing it back in the socket, severe tooth injury may call for the removal of the tooth root and and the placement of a dental bridge. Receiving restorative dentistry for tooth replacement can save you pain and any resulting oral health complications.

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that looks like a natural tooth between two custom-made dental crowns. These crowns attach to abutments that are created from neighboring teeth whose tooth enamel layer has been removed to accommodate the crowns. These teeth are then left as a protective sheath to sustain the root, nerve and pulp of the teeth so that they can be strong anchors for the dental bridge.

The dental bridge is created from a detailed impression of the tooth gap, abutments and any relevant teeth in the bite so that your permanent dental bridge can be fashioned after the look of your natural teeth. When the bridge is completed, it can be cemented into place to fill in the gap.

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