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Would you be surprised to hear that keeping your teeth clean is very important to protecting your oral health?  Did you know that failing to clean your teeth as well, could leave you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease? We usually recommend setting up two appointments with us every year to keep your teeth as clean as you can. Still, do you ever think about cleaning your tongue?

In reality, brushing your tongue isn’t strictly necessary if your mouth is healthy, even though your tongue can house bad bacteria. This bacteria should be removed, but your tongue usually keeps itself fairly clean because it’s constantly covered in saliva. Please note the bacteria from your tongue might spread to your back teeth, so keeping your tongue clean can stop bacteria from settling on the back of your teeth. Plaque reaching your back teeth isn’t a major problem because it takes around twenty-four hours for plaque to harden. If you brush twice every day, you’ll be able to avoid this problem before it becomes more serious.

You can expect to enjoy several benefits if you brush your tongue. For example, brushing your tongue may help you enjoy better breath, but some people struggle to enjoy these benefits because brushing their tongue with a toothbrush might trigger the gag reflex. This is one reason why many people prefer using tongue scrapers. Tongue scrapers are also easy to use. All you’ll need to do is place the scraper against the back of your tongue and pull it forward.

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the perfect tongue scraper in Shelby Township, Michigan, please feel free to contact Ray McKinley DDS & Brittany McKinley-Holloway DDS at 586-685-0880. Our dentists, Dr. Ray McKinley & Brittany McKinley-Holloway, and our team will be happy to address any concerns you have and look forward to hearing from you!