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There are numerous types of flossing products available in the dental market today, but what are the differences between these tools, and which is right for you? Our dental team is more than happy to help you pick the right floss for your smile by providing the information you need for each type of floss:

– Wide floss is also known as dental tape and is very beneficial if you need to clean bridgework or between teeth that have large gaps.

– Waxed floss makes it easier to clean between teeth that are very close together or overlap. The wax coating allows the floss to slide gently between these teeth and clean the tight crevice.

– Unwaxed floss notifies you when the tooth area is clean by squeaking against the teeth once the plaque is removed.

– Bonded, unwaxed floss offers the same benefits as traditional unwaxed floss but will tear more easily than waxed floss, though not as quickly as normal unwaxed floss.

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