Need a replacement for your missing teeth? Our office is here to meet your needs, which is why we provide some of the most effective restoration procedures. Dr. McKinley and Dr. Holloway provide many different ways to replace your teeth: from dental crowns and bridges, to implants and dentures. In addition to traditional dentures, our office also provides implant-supported removable and permanent dentures.

What are implant dentures?
Implant dentures are denture appliances that are anchored in place by dental implants. During this restoration procedure, our dentists will place a series of implant posts. Depending on the patient, our dentist may recommend four or six traditional or mini implants. These are screwed into the jawbone, securing the denture which is placed over top.

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures?
To help stabilize an appliance, our dentists may recommend denture implants in Shelby Township, Michigan. Traditional dentures have the tendency to become unanchored and slid out of place, requiring realignment. However, if the denture is secured by dental implants, there is no danger of slippage. Over the long-term, implant dentures in Shelby Township, Michigan, are a cost-effective to replace missing teeth.

If you are wondering about how implant-supported dentures can help you, call 586-685-0880 and plan a visit with our office today. Our dental team will be glad to go over your options for dental replacement and restoration.