The teeth’s enamel layer continuously goes through demineralization and remineralization. Demineralization is the process by which minerals are lost from the enamel layer because of acid attacks. Remineralization redeposits minerals to the enamel through the food and water consumed. If there is too much demineralization without enough remineralization, tooth decay may occur.

During your teeth cleaning appointment, Dr. McKinley and Dr. Holloway may recommend fluoride in Shelby Township, Michigan. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water and some foods. Many cities and towns add fluoride to their water supply in order to provide additional protection. Because it helps protect teeth from tooth decay, fluoride is also used as an ingredient in toothpaste, mouth washes, and other dental products.

To aid remineralization and protect your teeth, our dentists may apply dental fluoride to your teeth. Fluoride treatments in a dental office contain a higher concentration of fluoride than that found in toothpastes and mouth washes. Dental fluoride can be applied as a gel, foam, or varnish. If a varnish is used, the fluoride is painted onto the teeth. Foam fluorides are placed into a mouth guard and placed over the teeth for one to four minutes. Gel fluorides can be either painted on or applied with a mouth guard.

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