Dr. McKinley and Dr. Holloway are proud to use a cone beam scanner for 3D imaging in Shelby Township, Michigan. Cone beam scanners use a special technology to construct three dimensional images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths, and bone in a single scan. Our dentists use cone beam scanning when regular dental X-rays are not sufficient. An X-ray beam shaped like a cone is moved around the patient to produce many images. These images are put together to form a 3D image of the patient’s skull. Cone bean scanner images allow for more detailed treatment planning. Our dentists my use a cone beam scanner to:

• Plan orthodontic treatment
• Accurately place dental implants
• Detect, measure, and treat jaw tumors
• Determine bone structure and tooth orientation

Before having cone beam images taken, our dentists may ask you to remove metal objects like jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpins, and hearing aids. During cone beam scanning, our dentists will have you sit very still while the C-arm will rotates around your head, taking many images from different angles. These images are put together to form one 3D image.

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