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A toothbrush is probably your most important tool in your oral hygiene toolkit. This single item works hard to keep your smile clean and healthy. But it can only do this if you care for it properly, so you will want to keep it clean and in tip top condition.

Because a toothbrush brush can harbor germs and bacteria, you will want to take the steps to keep it as germ-free as possible. Today, Dr. Ray McKinley & Brittany McKinley-Holloway have some helpful tips for you to do just that. Let’s take a look!

#1 Begin your toothbrush care by washing your hands every time before you brush your teeth. Why? Because if you forget to do this, you can inadvertently transfer germs and bacteria which you have picked up during the day onto your toothbrush. Just wash your hands with some soapy warm water and you will be good to go.

#2 Next, Second, air dry your toothbrush after you finish brushing your teeth. To prevent bacteria from building up, make sure your bristles dry in between use. Especially before you put a toothbrush cover over it. Bacteria thrive in a moist environment.

#3 Third, to prevent cross-contamination, never share a toothbrush with anyone. Sharing toothbrushes allow saliva to be transferred from one mouth to another which unfortunately can invite cavities. This is one reason why you want to dispose of your toothbrush after you have been ill. The general rule is to throw away your toothbrush every three months or so, or whenever the bristles begin to lose their shape, become worn, or frayed. 

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