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Nearly everyone is aware of the dangers that gum disease, or periodontitis as it’s formally called, pose to your oral and systemic health. However, fewer people know what to look for in order to prevent and stop gum disease from spreading. If caught in its earliest stages, it’s actually treatable and reversible.

So with that in mind, let’s look at some warnings signs of gum disease.

Red, swollen, tender gums

This is gum disease’s most common early symptom. If your gums and red, swollen, and painful, you’re likely suffering from gingivitis. Gingivitis is a form of gum disease, but it’s very mild and easily reversible. If you have red, swollen, or tender gums, make an appointment to see Dr. Ray McKinley & Brittany McKinley-Holloway today.

Bleeding gums

A close second, this is another very common indicator of gum disease. If your gums bleed frequently, especially during brushing, then it’s time for you to pay a visit to our office here in Shelby Township, Michigan. The doctor will be able to help remove tartar and give you advice on how to prevent plaque buildup.

Gum recession

If you notice that your gums appear to be pulling back – or receding – from your teeth, this is another surefire sign that you have periodontitis. This is a sign of more advanced gum disease, but it’s till treatable as long as you come in as soon as possible.

If you’re worried that you may have gum disease, or want a screening to ensure that your oral health is optimal, then call us today at 586-685-0880 to schedule an appointment.